“To whom it may concern,
I am a family member who truly appreciates that consistent care of my husband. Moreover to ask ones in respiratory a question about his care and they took the time to help me understand the procedures. Thank you!”

“Prior to bing here, John has been at 3 other homes and this or that problem has occurred; here in this year, he has received attention quickly for whatever his needs. Thank you!”

“I want you to know these 3 years have been quite difficult, however, being here at San Fernando Post Acute Hospital, has eased my concerns. Thank you!”

Thank you very much also for calling whenever there is a change in medicine or Dr’s appt.
~ Thank you, M.H. ~

I would like to make a compliment about an LVN for his quick response for my request for my blankets for my bed. He should be recognized for his quick response for my request. Thank you for your hard work and support.
~ Thank you, Paul ~


To Acute Station 3,

I appreciate so much the care my husband Job H. received from the acute department. Not only in doing their job, but going beyond their duties. Janice told me numerous times John’s wedding ring was getting tighter and recently Janice went on the internet to find a way to take the ring off his finger successfully. Thank you Janice for your very kind act. Of the many jobs they have to do, figuring out something for a patient other than just cut the ring off.
~ Thank you, M.L. ~