Hospice Care


Hospice is a special program dedicated to the needs of the terminally ill with a palliative approach towards care. Our facility contracts with several outside Hospice Agencies trained in providing quality of life with a focus on the comfort of each individual. Their professionals join our staff in providing additional services which may include:

  • Treating the physical needs of the resident including pain and symptom management.
  • Providing for the resident’s spiritual and emotional needs with the help of social workers, counselors, members of the clergy and volunteers.
  • Providing coordination of facility services through the utilization of an interdisciplinary approach involving the resident, family members, attending physicians, nurses, home health aides and facility personnel.
  • Bereavement Counseling is available for families for up to one year after death through grief support groups and individual counseling.
  • Development of a transition plan completed prior to discharge.
  • Collaboration with home health and durable medical equipment agencies to ensure smooth transition for patients who can return home on a lower level of care.
  • Monthly drug regimen review by our Pharmacist.

Medicare and Medi-Cal eligible residents may receive services from a licensed Hospice Agency for Respite; Routine and Inpatient services. Please speak with our Director of Nursing Services or our Social Service Designee for additional information.