About Us


San Fernando Post Acute Hospital is a 204-bed skilled nursing facility serving the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas. We offer sub-acute services to a 59-bed dedicated unit within our facility to better meet the needs of our diverse population.

One of the most specialized programs in our sub-acute unit is the acceptance of residents who require off-site dialysis services. We remain one of the few facilities in California who accept sub-acute dialysis residents and has created a unique program to assist with maintaining our resident’s safety during the transfer to, stay at, and return from the dialysis center. Our company policy requires that during these times, a respiratory therapist and/or an LV specifically trained in respiratory therapy, stay with the resident at all times during transportation and dialysis treatment. This has assisted us in reducing hospitalizations frequently caused during the dialysis process as dialysis centers do not maintain respiratory therapists on site. This program has also allowed residents who would have been required to live in an acute care hospital for years to be transferred into our less restrictive setting giving the resident a more home-like setting while still receiving the dialysis services and sub-acute care needed.

Our remaining 145 beds are divided between two nursing stations and are dedicated to skilled nursing services. Our skilled nursing unit receives the benefits of our sub-acute unit with the availability of a more diverse group of clinicians not normally present in a skilled nursing facility, including on-site respiratory therapists, registered dietitians, nurses trained in advanced wound care and infection control.

The rehabilitation therapy amenities at San Fernando Post Acute Hospital include a large rehabilitation department with modern equipment, kitchen facilities for resident training, and full time physical, occupational and speech therapists. We are currently developing an out-of-doors rehabilitation area to give our residents access to everyday barriers including uneven walking surfaces, curbs, stairs, etc. It is our hope that this will better prepare our residents for a successful transition to their home.

We do hope that you will stop by for a tour to see what sets San Fernando Post Acute Hospital apart or give us a call to answer any questions.

Quick Facts

  • All beds are Medicare and Medicaid certified.
  • The full in-house rehab unit provides PT, OT, ST.
  • Admissions can be processed 24/7.
  • RNs are on duty and onsite 24 hours/day.